Sunsteel is committed to its sustainability programmes as stipulated in the company’s sustainability policy document. The programmes cover three main aspects:


It strives to support its environmental sustainability goals by protecting the earth through efficient use of land, energy, water etc., and management of effluents in a responsible way. It ensures procurement and deployment of equipment and machineries meet global expectations on:


Human capital development is at the heart of Sunsteel sustainability programmes. It creates an atmosphere for diversity and inclusion through a merit-based recruitment and outsourcing. It is committed to training and retraining of employees towards achieving their potentials. Sunsteel’s corporate social responsibility supports neighbourhood infrastructural development and welfare services to indigents children through provision of scholarships.


Part of the sustainability programmes of Sunsteel, is achieving profitability in a responsible way without exploiting the society to help in meeting other sustainability expectations. Although, it is a privately held company, it conducts a transparent financial reporting to the shareholders and stakeholders within and outside the organization.

The Sustainability programmes enable Sunsteel to align its risk management drive with overall objectives of the organization to deliver value to both internal and external stakeholders.