Steel Gratings

galvanized in zinc molten bath

Our grating is made from a combination of hot-rolled coil and cold rolled twisted bar. It is further galvanized in zinc molten bath for protection against corrosion. The serrated surface of the bearing bar provides anti-slip surface for safety of users. The steel grating is commonly used in both industrial and commercial sectors. Its unique stability and traction for base platform is second to none in:


Bearing Bar Spacing Cross Bar Spacing Bearing Bar Specification ( Width X Thickness)
(mm) (mm) 32*5 (mm) 40*5 (mm) 45*5 (mm) 50*5 (mm) 55*5 (mm) 60*5 (mm)
30 100 G325/30/10 G405/30/100 G455/30/100 G505/30/100 G555/30/100 G605/30/100
50 G325/30/50 G405/30/50 G455/30/50 G505/30/50 G555/30/50 G605/30/50
40 100 G325/40/100 G405/40/100 G455/40/100 G505/40/100 G555/40/100 G605/40/100
50 G325/40/50 G405/40/50 G455/40/50 G505/40/50 G555/40/50 G605/40/50
60 50 G325/60/50 G405/60/50 G455/60/50 G505/60/50 G555/60/50 G605/60/50