Security Wire

Security Wire

Our concertina Razor Barbed Wires has the ultra-barb profiled which is sharper, more rigid and difficult to cut; with SIL branded blades, our razor wires are easily identified and differentiated for quality. It is made from corrosion resistant galvanized steel cut ribbon and wrapped around a core of galvanized spring steel wire.

Hot dipped galvanized barbed wire

Double twist: 2 strand x 4 points x 5 inch spacing (1.5) roll of 100 – 200 meter.

Razor barbed wire tape BTO-22

Diameter: 450mm – 980mm
High tensile galvanized wire + hot dipped galvanized blade 0.28mm – 0.5mm
Available in stainless and galvanized


Fencing Enhancement – A single coil of Razor Wire fixed to a standard fence provides a good deterrent. Remember, the mere fact that an intruder can’t exit quickly is also a strong deterrent.

Wall Enhancement – Concertina coil on top of wall, provides anti intruder protection.

Border Security – Razor Wire coils serve as high security border barrier.