Chain-Link Fencing Wire

Chain-Link Fencing Wire

Our Chain link products are made from premium quality hot dipped galvanized wires with high volume zinc coating making it highly resistant to corrosion. Chain-link can be used in place of conventional block to demarcate a land space or to prevent intruders. The product is highly durable and reusable and comes in two main types; galvanized Chain-link and PVC Chain-link (Rubber Coated Chain-link). Our PVC Chain-links are hot dipped galvanized before rubber coating. The rubber coat provides a higher resistance against corrosion and enhances the beauty of the product.

Custom sizes can be produced to customers’ requirements.


Perimeter fencing of public and private places.
Parks and gardens
Tennis and basketball courts
Agricultural and farm lands
Sports Stadium
Highways and roads
School playground

Rubber coated Chain-link Fence

Diameter: 2.0mm – 4.0mm
Aperture: 50x50mm, 55mmx55mm, 60mmx60mm
Length: 10m-25m
Height: 1.2m – 3.0m

Galvanized Chain-Link Fence Wire

Diameter: 2.0mm – 5.0mm
Aperture: 50mm x 50mm – 75m x 75mm
Length: 10m – 25m
Height: 1.2m – 3.0m