Sunsteel’s diverse array of fabrication and welding capabilities provides a one stop source for all your needs, unlike any other manufacturing company in the industry today.


Our fabrication and welding diversity offers our customers the opportunity to reduce total cost for all their required products and services. Sunsteel’s expansive range of capabilities, knowledge and experience is unmatched in our industry. Our diversity provides us the opportunity to gain delivery speed and the speed gained generates better efficiency.


Sunsteel’s fabrication delivery speed and performance is the result of our knowledgeable staff and vast range of capabilities. This provides us with the control needed to routinely process products that require one or more operations. Our diversity allows our customers to reduce lead time, costs, administrative burden and transportation time.


Sunsteel is committed to the elimination of waste and the process of improvement throughout our organization, we are routinely improving our efficiencies. Centered on preserving the value of the products and services, we constantly review our metal fabrication processes with advanced Lean Manufacturing practices.


We have an unwavering and clear commitment to Quality on all our products and services.